News Releases   |   October 5, 2020

International Students and Families Will be Allowed to Travel to Canada

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Source: CIC News

By the end of October 2020, international students attending a designated learning institution that has been identified by their provincial or territorial government as having a COVID‑19 readiness plan will be able to enter Canada.

This new travel measure was announced by Canada’s ministers for immigration, health, and public safety on Friday, Oct 2nd.

Effective October 20th, international students enrolled at a Canadian designated learning institution will be able to enter Canada so long as their DLI has a COVID-19 readiness plan that has been vetted by the province or territory that the DLI is located in. DLIs are universities, colleges, and other educational institutions approved by the government to welcome international students.

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press release from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated that detailed information will be provided on its website on October 8th. It said that there will be a robust process in place for extended family members and they must apply for authorization and obtain it before they can enter Canada.

Before today’s announcement, Canada exempted the following immediate family members:

  • spouses or common-law partners;
  • dependent children;
  • dependent children of dependent children;
  • parents and step-parents, including in-laws; and
  • guardians or tutors.

Last week, Canada announced that spousal sponsorship applications will be expedited, ramping up processing to 6,000 applications per month.

When travel restrictions initially went into place, students could only come to Canada if they had their study permits approved before March 18. Canada also exempts students from restrictions if they are coming from the U.S. However until October 20th, students are only allowed to travel to Canada if their program requires in-class participation, such as labs or workshops.

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