Housing   |   August 5, 2020

Decorate Your Room With These 5 Cool Items Under $25CAD

Who said that decorating your room is super expensive? Not necessarily! If you are on a budget, you can spend less than $25 in really cool items that can add a nice touch to your room, making it a comfortable, cute and cozy place to hang out.

Here are some of the coolest items under $25cad we found for you:

1. Scented Candle in Glass Jar from H&M Home ($19.99)

Scented candle in a glass holder with a textured finish. Lid with knob and removable tassel. Burn time 35 hours. This scented candle will add a relaxing vibe to your room!

2. Handmade plant hangers from Amazon Canada ($21.99)

These beautiful hangers come with a pack of 3.  Hanging plant holders are versatile, such as space saver and home decor. They provide a beautiful way to display your plants that will highlight your greenery, and bring a boho element to your home decor. 

3. Solid Faux Fur Floor Mat from SHEIN ($13.00)

No bad for that price eh? We suggest you to check out the reviews. Most of them say that it’s a little small but the quality is great. Anyways, it’s perfect to place it in one side of your bed.

4. Female Form Vase from Urban Outfitters ($20.00)

Display a bouquet of flowers in this vase that serves as an homage to the curves of the female form, found exclusively at UO. Glazed ceramic vase with sculpted shaping.

PD: It comes in more colors!

5. Decorative Storage Basket from Amazon Canada ($21.99)

This is a great piece to storage books, makeup, keys, medicine, etc! This storage bin has the most popular match nowadays with pretty knotted design as the handles. Eco-friendly, stylish and elegant!

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